Reasons Sterling Silver Jewelry Stands Out?

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Owing to its lustrous finish and versatility, sterling silver jewelry has been popular for ages. It is also referred to as .925 silver and is a combination of silver and other metals. There is no dearth of jewelries you can create using this wonderful metal. Despite being less expensive than gold, this precious metal is simply breathtaking. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why sterling silver jewelry is so popular among jewelry lovers. 

1.    Hypoallergenic properties

There are many perks of choosing sterling silver jewelry other than its cost-effectiveness. It is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% nickel or copper and hence it is an apt choice for those who are allergic to metals. Whether it is sterling silver pendants or bracelets, you can wear them even if you suffer from allergies. 

2.    Dress up or dress down

Versatility is one of the prime reasons why sterling silver truly stands out. It goes with almost every dress you can think of and owing to its versatility you can easily pair it with any costume. 

3.    Immensely durable

Sterling silver jewelry can last for decades with just basic maintenance. You can pass it on to the future generations as a heirloom as well. Their longevity is simply incredible and you can maintain its shine and finish quite easily. All you need is a specialist varnish and soft cloth. 

4.    Keep up with the latest trends

Designers around the world can get adventurous with sterling silver as far as creativity is concerned. It is timeless and elegant and due to this reason, it never goes out of vogue. That’s the reason why you will always find sterling silver included in the latest jewelry trends. Whether you are looking for a new stylish necklace, ring or pendant; sterling silver must be your pick. If you are looking for sterling silver pendants in Australia, you will never run short of choices.
5.    Add high-end jewelry to your collection

Looking for high-end silver jewelry to add to your collection? Sterling silver must be your preferred metal then. Sterling silver easily complements other metal types and having it in your collection will add to the appeal of it. 

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