Sterling Silver Charms: All You Need to Know

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Sterling silver jewelry is considered timeless and beautiful. It is also known for its versatility and sophistication. People are simply fond of different kind of sterling silver jewelry because it is not only beautiful but affordable as well. Let’s take a look at some reasons why sterling silver jewelry is the best.

1.    Used for high end jewelry and accessories

Sterling jewelry is quite commonly used to make high-end jewelry and accessories. People are quite fond of sterling silver charms as they are available in a number of varieties. Sterling silver is created using pure silver. It might interest you that sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals. Mostly the other metal used is copper. Other metals are used to add strength to the jewelry without hampering the natural appeal and beauty of silver. If you are looking for wholesale silver charms, you must Google and find a reputed silver charms provider.

2.    Lustrous appearance

Sterling silver has a lustrous appearance and phenomenal durability. Since copper is mixed with pure silver, you do not have to worry about the longevity. It retains its shine and beauty for many years to come. That’s why sterling silver charms are quite popular.

3.    Amazing strength

If you compare sterling silver with pure silver, you will discover that pure silver is a malleable metal which is why it is not considered ideal for creating functional items such as coins. Sterling silver jewelry on the other hand is perfectly apt for jewelry making. From sterling silver chains to diamond tiaras, silver charms and platters, it can be used to create almost every type of jewelry items. In a nutshell, sterling silver has all the properties and qualities of silver, but it is devoid of all the weaknesses pure silver has.

4.    Affordable

Sterling silver is quite affordable when compared to other metals. In fact pure silver is costlier than sterling silver. Sterling silver is sought after because of its affordability and that’s why I t is used for a number of applications. 

5.    Maintenance 

Sterling silver is quite sensitive to air and water which is why tarnishing can be an issue with this form of metal. There is no doubt that sterling is more durable, strong and functional than pure silver, but since it is prone to tarnishing, you need to maintain it pretty well. If you see any signs of tarnishing, you must clean it properly. 

6.    Light-weight

Most people are fond of the feel of precious jewelry such as platinum and gold, but truth be told they also love sterling jewelry because it is light in weight. It is ideal for daily use because it is not heavy like other metals.

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